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The Catalan map of the Sahara in 1375

The 1375 Catalan map (part of the Mapamundi) was drawn by Abraham Crepques of Mallorca and has a section dealing with NW Africa which is reproduced below. It shows the King Mansa Musa of Mali (holding a large nugget of gold) trading with the nomad on the left. The Atlas mountains are clearly visible.
Catalan map of NW Africa
The section to the right translates as: This Negro lord is called Musa Mali, Lord of the Negroes of Guinea. So abundant is the gold which is found in his country that he is the richest and most noble king in all the land.

The section top left translates as: Through this place pass the merchants who travel to the land of the negroes of Guinea, which place they call the valley of the Dra'a.

The section middle left translates as All this region is occupied by people who veil their mouths; one only sees their eyes. They live in tents and have caravans of camels. There are also beasts called Lemp from the skins of which they make fine shields.

Out of interest I append below the map of Scotland, England and Wales from the same Atlas made in 1375.

Catalan map of England, Scotland and Wales

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