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The 153 Club

The 153 Club is for Sahara Desert travellers. The Club takes its name from the old Michelin 153 map of NW Africa. The Club membership has grown to include not only travellers, but professionals who have lived or worked in NW Africa. We have three regular meetings each year plus other impromptu outings, and are able to keep up-to-date with the area through two Bulletins.

Dune Scene, Algeria


Our aim is to maintain a membership of around 153 people and at present we have a few vacancies. The only criterion for Club membership is to have worked or travelled within the confines of the old Michelin map 153 (now sadly 953 or 971), principally covering the Sahara and adjoining countries.

Subscriptions run from 1 October to 30 September. The subscription is £10 (sterling cheque, or £10.60 sterling by Paypal if your are outside the UK without a sterling account—details in application form - a pdf file) per annum. To apply for membership of The 153 Club, download the Application Form (a pdf FILE ).

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Or apply to the Membership Secretary (email address above) for an application form.

The 153 Club
(Founded August 1978)

1: The club shall be called ‘The 153 Club’

2: Membership shall be open to those who have travelled somewhere in Africa on Michelin map 741 National (previously 953 and 153)

3: The subscription shall be reviewed annually at a General Meeting of the membership. The financial year shall end on 30 September.

4: The Committee shall be elected annually at the AGM and consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to five additional members, from whom shall be selected the roles of Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Activities Secretary. Other members may be co-opted as necessary.

5: There shall be a non-executive President who shall be appointed annually.

6: A bank account shall be maintained, the signatories being two of three designated Committee members.

7: The purposes of the Club shall be:
a) the encouragement of travel and expeditions on 153 and adjoining area, particularly the remoter areas.
b) social gatherings, discussions, slide shows, etc., with 153 as the general theme.
c) co-operation with other similar organisations, both national and international


Rock Art Chariot